Two representations of the nine-pointed star
Consultation Medicine Wheel
(with Kokopelli representing the four races of humanity)

This first one was done by myself (Bruce Beach) -
for the book Society After Doomsday.
Our cover designer didn't feel it was done well enough -
so it didn't make it onto the book.

The following drawing -
which was done by Dan Lightfoot -
was used on the back cover of the book.

Here is the discussion of the drawing as it is in the book. I am making this available on line so that it may be distributed as widely as possible. The Native attitude of consultation needs to be thoroughly developed thoughout the whole human race, and more practiced by many of the Native communities themselves. The form and format may differ from community to community, but the principles undelying it remain the same.

These are simple ideas - but not simple to put into practice. What is presented here is much like the notes of a music score printed in a Hymn book. Seeing the notes doesn't mean that one can sing the song, or even more importantly, comprehend the message that is being communicated. THAT requires practice - and most often guidance.

The following is an expression of the source of my motivation and expectations in emphasizing the importance that the Native peoples of North America may have in reconstructing society.

This source for the above comes from a CD called Heart to Heart and is presented here by permission of its author Zabine Maryam Van Ness. All creative art permissions are to be found on the CD and at: