Contacting other Preppers through SAFE
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We are in the process of defining how SAFE works and building the system to fufill the goals. Consequently, the following statements / concepts are in flux. You can help us define them.

Primary Goal: Is to introduce you to other SAFE participants in your city or county.
However - that goal may be a little while in being achieved. While SAFE is planned as a bottom up organization - to start we will have to work from the top down until there are enough members to take over from the bottom.

First Step: To establish strongly functioning State TEAM Leaders in each state. This involves several sub-steps.

    a. Informing the State TEAM Leader of all the SAFE members in their state - along with the member's district and county location and any information the member has wished to provide.

    b. Providing the State TEAM Leader with a system whereby they can write a newsletter that will go to all their state members.

Second Step: For the State TEAM Leaders to select District TEAM Leaders for each District in their State.

b. Informing the District TEAM Leaders of all the SAFE members in their District.

Third Step: The third step will be the appointment of the county TEAM Leaders by the District TEAM Leaders.

The first person in a county or district to enroll with SAFE - automatically becomes the TEAM Leader of that area. They may of course decline that role and ask the next higher TL to appoint a person who joins later. The role of a TEAM Leader is to inform others about the SAFE Plan. As a TEAM Leader you will come to know others around you who are also informed.

The more informed people you know - the better they will be able to help you. Student after student of societal collapse has come to the conclusion that in the time of collapse it will not be a matter of what you have - or what you know - but rather who you know.

Support the network - and the network will support you.

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