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New World Order

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Bruce M. Beach

The global view deals with what is called the New World Order. My concerns and proposals in Society AFTER Doomsday are directed more towards local concerns that we as individuals must deal with directly. However, it is well to be aware of what may be happening on a global scale.

Table of Contents:

NWO: A Philosopher's View

      Here I explain what the NWO is and what it will be like in the future. Those disciplined enough to actually read and think about this subject are invited to respond with their comments.

Maturity: Responsibilities

      We hear much about RIGHTS but here I discuss about the RESPOSIBILITIES of the mature adult. Those individuals actually capable of considering the issues concerning the NWO must have matured and this is an attempt to define what that maturity is.

Quotes: About the NWO by US Presidents and other famous people

      Presented here in a categorized form are quotes from many past US presidents about the NWO. There are numerous quotes from many famous people, separated into groups of those who were for and those who were against. Because there are so many quotes a few, that give the flavor, have been marked with blue stars****. Hopefully they will pique your interest to the extent that you will read the rest.

More: quotes from famous people

      While these are not specifically on the subject of the NWO they do give one insight into the thinking of our leaders.

Proposal: A NWO Constitution

      Presented here is a proposal that has been put forth for a NWO constitution. This has had the backing of lots of groups and a major effort was made to push it forward at a United Nations meeting - but so far it has not really gone anywhere.

Critic: A NWO Constitution

      And here is a critique of the above NWO Constitution proposal, by someone opposed to it.

History: of the NWO

      There have been many conspiracy theory histories written about the NWO and while this "history" still has such a concern it is not as rabid as many but still covers the main items to be found in most of them.

Hoax: regarding the NWO

      There are many, many hoax documents regarding the NWO and there are numbers of people who believe in any them. This is a run of the mill example.

Conspiracy: The world is full of conspiracy theories

      There are innumerable conspiracy theories regarding 'The Illuminati', 'The Protocols of the Elders', 'The Masons', 'The Catholic Church', 'The Communists' and surrounding many events such as 9/11. Some of the documentation is quite curious and while perhaps a bit off topic, unless you can stretch your theory, I include this example.

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