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Chronology of Carnegie's Life

1835 Born November 25 at Dunfermline, Scotland, son of Margaret (Morrison) and William Carnegie.

1848 Brought to the United States. Family settled in Allegheny, Pennsylvania.
Began work immediately as bobbin-boy in cotton factory.

1849 First messenger, then operator at Pittsburgh telegraph office.

1853 Position with Pennsylvania Railroad.

1861 Accompanied Scott to Washington at outbreak of Civil War.

1865 Resigned from railroad to organize own firm, Keystone Bridge Company.

1873 Travel to Europe and association with British steel makers, especially Bessemer. Began concentration on steel here.

1882 Joined forces with Henry Clay Frick, acquiring vast coke properties.

1883 Published An American Four-in-Hand in Britain. Began contributions to magazines, notably North American Review and Nineteenth Century.

1886 Published Triumphant Democracy.

1887 Married Louise Whitfield.

1889 "Wealth" published in North American Review.

1892 Break with Frick; Homestead Strike.

1901 Sold out to United States Steel. Gave $5,000,000 to employees for pension and benefit fund. Began major philanthropies.

1907 Built Peace Palace at The Hague.

1919 August 11, died at "Shadowbrook," in Massachusetts.