by Bruce Beach

      Matthew 5:5
        Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

      Psalms 37:11
        But the meek shall inherit the earth;
        and shall delight themselves in the
        abundance of peace.

      NE3 12:5
        And blessed are the meek,
        for they shall inherit the earth.

      D&C 88:17
        ... the poor and the meek of the earth shall inherit it.

If the meek are going to inherit
and run the earth
then we are going to have to change
the social system.

Ponerology is the study of why today -

the world is largely run by the evil.

Nature of the Soul

Understanding the nature of human governors requires understanding the nature of human souls and the nature of soul itself. While the full nature of the soul is beyond the comprehension of man there are some things that we can know about it.

Without going into a lengthy exposition on the variety of human souls we can say that the two primary and defining characteristics of all non-damaged human souls are free will and wisdom.

Human souls, like human bodies and human minds, are subject to contingencies, both external and self-imposed. Each have a range and variety of characteristics that may be inherited, conditioned by their environment, or trained through intentional discipline.

Ideally, society needs to be governed by highly capable souls that have been excellently disciplined in traits such as meekness, trustworthiness, social consciousness, analytic thought, tolerance, compassion, sacrifice, dedication, and a wide variety of other virtues.

Unfortunately, the present day systems attract and reward many of the very opposite virtues. Primarily the present systems are designed to promote persons of ambition who are willing to compromise any of the aforementioned virtues in order to achieve their goals.

Ambition versus Meekness

Ambition too can be a virtue, but it is the opposite virtue of meekness and it is meekness that we wish to have in leaders. To be meek does not mean to be weak. Indeed, it often takes much stronger qualities of character to be meek, rather than to be ambitious.

Ambition is a quality of the self. Strong self-will is its defining characteristic. It is a misnomer and would be paradoxical to say that one's ambition was to be meek and to particularly cultivate the characteristics associated with meekness.

Nevertheless, ambition and self-will, in order to achieve its goals often chameleon-like seeks to take on the coloration of meekness and its associated virtues. In its extreme manifestations this strategy is nothing but pure hypocrisy.

Disciplined meekness, as compared to a natural mildness, subservience, and ineffective passiveness, requires an intentional willingness for self-sacrifice, devotion to an external ideal, and submission to recognized higher authority.

These latter qualities are very often counterfeited and exhibited in the extreme by those who are most motivated by ambition. To a large degree, this is what makes it difficult to prevent their assumption and monopolization of power.

Those who are ambitious, seek power. Those who are meek will, out of duty, accept the responsibility of power, only if it is thrust upon them. Thus it is, that in the present system of things, the world is controlled by the ambitious, and the meek are ineffective.

Meekness is the desired spiritual achievement in this world. In its ultimate manifestation, meekness is complete submission to the Will of God. The goal of the ambitious is total achievement of their self-will rather than God's will. That by definition is evil, and since the world is ruled by the ambitious it is ruled by the evil, that is to say by evil.

The Nature of Evil Souls.

The evil are souls that have turned from God. This does not mean that they do not wear the trappings of being very religious because oftentimes they do. Sometimes these trappings are intentional hypocrisy but more often they are the result of self-deception.

In some sense all souls rest somewhere on a spectrum of from the most saintly to the most satanic. If you will, the usual Bell curve configuration. Most of us reside somewhere in the predominate hump of the sinners in the middle. The group that we are concerned about reside at the satanic end of the spectrum. They are what we may call damaged souls.

Damaged souls come in a great variety. First let us consider those that are damaged, or more often we say handicapped, in regards to that aspect of the soul that we call wisdom. These can be a variety of different types of mental handicaps - often identified by what we call mental retardation or lower intelligent quotient.

The mentally damaged soul need not, and most often does not, exhibit that quality of evil that concerns us here. Indeed, despite their handicap they may move upwards along the spectrum towards saintliness.

The damaged souls that we are concerned with here are those who are damaged in the other defining characteristic of the soul and that is in their will. Should an individual be unfortunately damaged in both areas they become ineffectual criminals of low intelligence who are easily identified by society and are summarily dealt with. Every society has prisons and other care taking institutions full of them.

We may now examine the damaged souls that we are concerned about - as a sub-spectrum. Clinically, these damaged souls would be identified as being sociopaths at the upper end and autistics at the lower. Once again, after a brief description, we will dispense with the lower portion of this spectrum because the autistics do not become controllers of the society.

Autistics affect a milder form of the malady. Their's is more of a spiritual blindness. They simply do not have the emotional conscience of empathy for the deeper spiritual virtues. This does not mean they cannot be positive contributors to society. Some perform very well in society because they are able to focus on the logical intellectual functionings of the soul without being distracted by the emotional ones.

We are now left with the small fraction of the members of society that we identify here as being the sociopaths. They have fully functioning intellects and are often, in fact most often, able to disguise their true nature. They often make substantial contributions to society because in their intense desire to achieve their ambitions they make monumental efforts to perform and conform. That can all be very good and the argument is not that we don't want them in society - because a society needs to provide a place for all. We simply do not want them in charge of society.

But, in the present system of things, these sociopaths, these evil persons, evil because they want their will rather than God's Will, always end up in control of society and we will next examine how it is that comes to be.

How it came to be
that the evil rule the world.

It would appear obvious that in the present system that in a competition between those who desired to achieve a position of power and those who were indifferent to achieving a position of power that it would be the former that would be successful. Therefore, the ambitious and evil would succeed and the meek would be pushed aside.

The odds are even more determined than that. The ambitious are selected and the meek are eliminated by those already in control. Now, mind you, the ambitious, in order to achieve their goals, have to exhibit and demonstrate qualities of submissiveness, loyalty, team playing, insightfulness, competitiveness, apparent social virtues of honesty, industriousness, social graces, attractive appearance and a record of achievement. The successful sociopath is anything but a misfit. He provides the image of a conformist par-excellence.

Not only does the successful sociopath become adept at identifying and conforming to what is expected of him, he also becomes adept at identifying those who have the same sociopathic qualities. Nothing that he does, or permits, is allowed to fall outside of the pattern. If he wears a different color tie, it is because he is conforming to the need to demonstrate 'independence'. No room for a true non-conformist here.

Hence it is that in every power facet of society, business, political, legal, academia, military, and yes - even institutional religion, those that hold the reigns of power are often evil sociopaths. That they are honoured, admired, thought of as being the pillars of society - does not change the fact.

Holding the reigns of power they identify, control and promote those who have the same outlook on life that they do. People that they would say have the same realistic, bottom line view of the real world that they do. It is for this reason that you can go into any of the above named institutions and from top to bottom you will find that all either already think alike - or are being conditioned to think alike. If they don't - they will soon be out.

I could go into the specifics of the thought patterns and values of the corporations, the banks, the legal field, academia, the scientific community, the military, the religious organizations, and so forth. They may differ in goals but they will not differ in method.

This reality is because those at the top have arrived there through ambition and have established a top down selection process. This is equally true of all present earthly societies. It makes no difference whether you are in China, Russia, the United States, or anywhere else - it is the evil sociopaths, no matter how highly acclaimed and honored they may be, that will be in control.

The Remedy

    Psalms 37:11
      But the meek shall inherit the earth;
      and shall delight themselves in the
      abundance of peace.

These are not days
of blissful joy
for most of the world.
The world is very dark
for most of its inhabitants.
Most do not realize
as they seek pleasure and happiness
that they are immersed in evil.

The evil say:
    That was a 'good' movie.
    That was a 'good' song.
    That was a 'good' TV program.
    That was a 'good' drink.
    That was a 'good' cigarette.
    That was a 'good' night.
So on and on.

Evil sees evil as good.
Evil sees hell as heaven.
But eventually
    there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.
The evil is about us
in every facet of our lives.
    In the immorality and the materiality.
    In those things in which we take
    the greatest pleasure and pride.
    The life-style of those we admire.

      The strength of our military.
      The excessive patriotism.
      The satisfaction with our churches.
      The consumption of energy in our society.
      The destruction of the environment.

    Again the list just goes on and on.

      But most of all -
      the evil is in the poverty
      of our souls.
Humanity has turned away from God.
The souls of many sense loss -
but they do not know what loss they sense.

Because they do not know
the true beauty and love of God -
they do not know what
they have turned away from.

Still -

    they sense a loss -
    in the lack of Justice -
    in the lack of Security -
    is the lack of Joy -
    and they wish to blame someone.

The fear of their loss -
causes them anger -
that they express

    against some race -
    against some religion -
    against some economic class -
    against someone.

      But our problem
      of peace, security and joy,
      is within our own selves,
      for we can find them
            only by finding God.

Still we can look about -
and see the evil of the world -

    in the entertainment industry -
    in the materialism of the market place -
    the poverty of the masses in the world -
    in the dying of the planet itself.

Some find it harder to recognize
the evil in the institutions
they admire.

    In the military.
    In the giant corporations.
    In the courts and legal system.
    In the political rallies they attend.

      The ships and planes
      of the military
      are magnificent.
      Awe inspiring.
      Indeed decreed to create
      shock and awe.
      in the fullest sense of the word

    The bank buildings are towering
    and the lobbies speak of grandeur.
    They are intended to create the utmost in envy.

    The courts conducted in majesty and pomp
    designed to evoke the greatest sense of honor.

    The political and religious rallies
    conducted in a manner
    to emit the greatest emotional fervour.

    Pride and pleasure.
      All in evil.
        Evil in all.

These are the days of darkness -
of the soul.

Indeed -
we need to get rid of the

    bankers -
    lawyers and -

Other institutions
now represented by government bureaucracy -
corporate management -
military / intelligent agencies -
educational systems -
need to be brought under control.

While still others
such as the media -
some religious institutions -
social controls over the family -
spiritual examination of science -
need to be freed
from the constraints that blind them.

But the -
simply need to be done away with.

Not the individuals, themselves, of course -
but rather the institutions they control.

Those institutions
by their very nature -
breed the evils.

The motivation of bankers -
is not to provide the means
for expansion of the economy.
Their motivation is solely profit.

    It is fine with them -
    if they obtain it -
    by the recession of the economy.

The motivation of the lawyers -
is not to achieve Justice -
but to win for their client.
Not to discover Truth -
or have Truth discovered -

    but to win the argument.

The motivation of the politicians -
is not to establish a
Just Society for All -
    but to win power
    for themselves and their party -
    and those who support them.

This is because all such systems
in the world
are top down systems.

Because of the principles of ponerology -
the evil have gained control of the systems -
and their control of the systems is self perpetuating.

This is all
a part of
the nature of evil -

    and a part of
      the nature of the systems.

We cannot change
the nature of evil -
    but we can change
    the nature of the systems.

The problem with the present systems
is that they are top down -
and self perpetuated
by the evil
from the top.

What we need are systems
that are bottom up -
rather than top down.
    (I anticipate the sarcastic reply -
    "so that the evil at the bottom -
    can control.")
Bottom up systems
are called democratic.
Lots of lip service
about present systems
being democratic.
But they aren't.

I am also aware of those
who say that is good -
because they say that
what the US has is a Republic
and not a democracy -
and they define democracy as -
"two wolves and a sheep -
voting on what to have for dinner."

Nevertheless -
much lip service is still given
to establishing democracy in Iraq -
and to the democratic processes in the U.S.

In reality -
the political candidates are selected
and supported
by money powers
and most people don't vote -
because they recognize
the ineffectiveness of the system.

The old saying still holds true -
that it doesn't matter who votes -
but rather who counts the votes.

I advocate a democratic system -
but not one anything like
the present system.
There are other ideas
of democratic systems.

Direct democracy -
or what is sometimes called
'pure democracy'
in which everyone votes directly
on every issue -
is too cumbersome for large systems -
and too simple for complex issues
where there need to be people
who spend their whole time
studying the issues.

Representative democracy
doesn't work either.
Because the representatives
are committed to serve the wishes
of those whom they represent
rather than objectively seeking
and working for
good and truth.

The democracy that I propose
needs a catchy name
so that it will appeal to people.
Perhaps -

Progressive Democracy

I write further on the idea of Progressive Democracy at this link.

The idea of Progressive Democracy -
is that everyone
in every small geographic area -
that encloses a couple of hundred people
votes for local leaders
which live in their area.

These elected local leaders then vote
for one among themselves
to be a member of a next higher council of leaders
that is over a limited number of adjoining areas.

The leaders of this next higher council
then choose one among themselves
to be a member of the council of leaders
for a still larger area that includes them.

And so forth.

There must be a number of safeguards
such as the manner:

    in which the secret ballot is conducted at each level;

      in that there is no campaigning or political parties;

        and in that incumbents can not be
        re-elected to office.

Re-establishing the old system would -
(by the laws of ponerology) -
still have the ambitious evil
taking control of the meek.

So -

    a change in system -
    is absolutely necessary.

      However, a change in system alone -
      will not solve the problem.

        There must also be
        a spiritual maturing in the humanity
        operating the system.

Change does occur -
and we are upon the cusp of change
in the affairs of humanity.
    Change can be
    for good or bad.

      Change can be
      rapid or slow.

        Change can be
        in manners foreseen or unforeseen.

There have been many theories
regarding the path of history.
Karl Marx with his thesis
and antithesis.
de Tocqueville and his
Democracy in America.
There are many current works.
It is obvious to most thinkers
that we are in the throes of change.

Whether one attributes this change to:
      Peak Oil
      World Population Explosion
      Clashes Between Cultures
      Climate and Pole Shift
      The Fourth Turning
      or any one of the other major
      contributing factors -
      matters not.
Change is occurring.

It appears that the change
is going to be sudden
    and dramatic.
While the change will be disruptive
it is necessary that
the old failing system be destroyed
in order to make way for the new.

The operative details
of what I propose
are to be found:


The mechanics can be tedious -
but no matter how polished
they may be -
what will be important
will be the spirit behind them.

For a new system to be established -
it is necessary that events occur
that the old system be demolished
because it will never relinquish willingly
its favoured position.

For a successful new system
to be established
it is necessary that the events
be sufficiently traumatic
that the survivors and their descendants
will desire / accept / promote radical change.

The radical change needed in this case -
is spiritual.
People must learn to identify what is important -
and learn to identify those qualities
in the leaders that they select.

To discuss what some of those
spiritual values / virtues are -
lies beyond the scope
of what I can present here.

Recognizing, developing and training society
in the spiritual values
necessary to raise humanity to its potential
on this planet
will require the effort of decades and centuries.

That is a destiny which began
many long centuries ago
and which will continue
many long centuries into the future.

The immediate events
which are about to occur
and which some of those living
will be privileged to participate in
will be seen down through the succeeding ages
as having been both the climax to the ages that preceded
and the point of beginning for the ages to come.

It is well to be aware
of the age in which you live.