This is my Grain Mill. (It's now motorized!)

Let's take a photo journey of the building of this grain starved animal.

A friend gave me these rollers. They were huge. Steel grooved rollers with the bearings.

It all started with an idea.

And so, I got to work.

First I built the case.

Then I created the bearing supports.

Then, I mounted the bearings.

Then the top was built.

Next, the small hopper was put together.

Then the hopper was added to the top. Note the plastic flappers on the inside of the hopper to control grain flow.

I put together the plastic hopper addition so that the unit could hold more grain. I did this when I started doing 10 gallon batches.

I ahve motorized the unit and the whole thing is on rollers so that it can be moved aroud easily. As you can imagine, it's a heavy beast. It will however, grind up 10 pounds of grain in about a minute.

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