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Simple Technology

Some of the information here could as well as have gone under farming or pioneering skills. There is so much information about using bicyles, that while they might have gone under simple machines, they have gotten a category of their own. The same applies to windmills and waterwheels. Some of the decisions as where to put information have been arbitrary but there is just too much to put it all under one category, so the reader needs to look under all the categories when studying the subject.

Table of Contents:

Some basic tools and concepts of science and mechanics

The Basic Principles of Machinery

      This 168 page .pdf book covers levers, block and tackle, plane and wedge, and on up through hydraulic devices, and internal combustion engines, and more.

Fundamentals Of Machine Tools

      This 309 page Army manual covers lots of basic machine tools.

Drafting and Shop Drawing

      A 117 page Army Manual on a shop management basic.

Machine Shop Calculation

      A 127 page Army course on machine shop calculations.

Precision Measuring and Gaging

      This is a 96 page Army course.

Precision Measuring Instruments

      This is a 50 page Army course.

Metal Properties

      A 98 page Army course on metal characteristics.

Lathe Operations

      A 140 page Army course on lathe operations.

Milling Machine Operations

      An 81 page Army course on Milling Machine Operations.

How to build a multimachine

      This eighty page presentation with lots of good pictures and discussion explains how to build entirely from scrap metal a very useful multimachine.

How-To Build your own CNC machine (Part 1)
How-To Build your own CNC machine (Part 2)
How-To Build your own CNC machine (Part 3)

      CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) for automated production is a very powerful thing that you may be able to develop if you can keep some computers operating.

Hydraulic Press - Plans

      Simple 2 page instructions on how to make your own hydraulic press.

Compressor Plans

      You probably won't be able to find the parts to do this exact design - but it may give you some ideas.

Screw Press Plans

      Two pages of simple instructions on how to make a screw press.

Band Saw Operations

      A 101 page Army Manual that teaches how to use a basic shop machine

Welding Operations course.

      This is a 113 page Army course on welding.

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