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POP08 - The Four Types of Souls

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Oh, Seekers of the True One!

Now that you have stepped upon the Path of Search for the True Prophet it is important to know first the Seeker.

Who are YOU? Well I can tell you that you are a soul, but as a teacher and traveler we need to know what kind of soul.

There are only four kinds of souls. I know that this may surprise you. Some people think that there may be only one kind of soul. Others think that every soul is different and that there are therefore infinite kinds of souls. But no, there are only four kinds.

Recognition of this fact is to be found in Aristotle, Shakespeare, and many other classical thinkers down through the ages. It was acknowledged in the work of William James, Americas greatest psychologist and intimated in that of Pavlov, which was Russia's. Many thinkers and teachers, of the East were also aware and today there is a large body of study on the subject. But still it is not common knowledge and most people are not aware that there are only four types of souls.

My source for this information is of course the True Prophet, but I have mentioned the above because Truth is Universal and can be universally found. 2+2=4 in both Russia and the US or anywhere else one may go no matter by what name the numbers are called. So it is with other Truth such as religious truth.

Types of things come in limited numbers. Water can be seen as a

    • Liquid
    • Vapor (clouds, fog, steam)
    • Solid (sleet, hail, ice, snow)
and while every snow flake may be unique it is still one of the three states of water.

Each person has blood of some particular type. You may know yours. While there are variations within the types, we still say that there are only so many types.

As one last example - Suppose that we said that there were only four kinds of animals.

    • Insects
    • Birds
    • Fish
    • Mammals
Among the insects there would still be great variety -
      from the tiniest ants to the giant beetles, and from scorpions to the butterflies.
And among the birds
      from the humming birds to the ostriches and the eagle to the parrot.
In the fish
      from the gold fish to the Great Blue Marlin,
and among animals
      from the tiny shrew to the elephant.
With great, great numbers of varieties among all the species, but still for our convenience we listed them as four categories.

And no matter how great the variety,

      and the fact that every individual specimen is unique just as each snow flake is unique
there remain a limited number of categories.

And so it is with the soul - there are but four types. Not to say that there is not great variety in the types, or that you are not individual and unique, because both of those things are true. But it is still true that you have one of the four types of soul.

It is important to know the type of soul. Otherwise we will end up putting the canary in the aquarium and the goldfish in the bird cage. Yet the world as a whole remains blind to this fact.

When you take your child to the kindergarten, to enroll them in their first day of school they may ask you a hundred questions regarding

    • sex
    • age
    • height
    • weight
    • even blood type
    • and IQ
but never on the form will you find the most important of all questions for a teacher -

      what kind of soul will I be teaching?

In my next four letters I will be discussing the four types of souls. It is important to identify and understand your own type of soul, but it is also useful to know and understand the other types.

It will much help you

    • in teaching your children -
    • understanding your spouse
    • getting along with co-workers,
and the dozens of other situations that you meet in life. It is well to understand others, even if they do not understand themselves.

For a teacher it is essential to understand the kind of soul that they are attempting to teach. And in this I have a problem, because I cannot know each of you individually.

I have taught before through email on a one to one basis but I have never tried to do mass teaching through email and I know of no other teacher who has tried to do it either. So perhaps it can't be done. But perhaps it can. So it appears that you are a part of an experiment.

Somethings can be learned out of a book. But for other things a teacher appears to be necessary. Probably no great musician or mathematician has ever been self taught.

In the past I have seen attempts to teach mathematics by computer. In fact I was VERY enthused about the idea and was involved in some very substantial programs to do so. Didn't work out.

Turns out that you can give printed example after printed example with a computer but successful teaching requires interaction between a pupil and the teacher.

The teacher stands at the blackboard and explains but needs to watch the eyes of the students, and when they start to glaze over, the teacher must slow down and wait for them to catch up.

At some point the pupils may just not get it and the teacher will stand at the blackboard and tap with the chalk at some particular point in the formula. And then the gleam of recognition will appear in the pupil's eyes and the teacher can proceed on.

    Readiness to read,
      readiness to learn,
        readiness to comprehend,
is something comprehended among all primary teachers, consciously or unconsciously.

Many are the stories of the Zen Teaching Masters, or of the Abbots in the Catholic Monasteries, who suddenly performed some action like reaching over and tweaking the pupil's nose, grasping their ear and not letting go, or thumping them on the head, at the moment that they called satorie, and that the pupil suddenly saw the light.

Yes, every student is unique, and every step along the path is unique, and every student must make every step for their self. And therein is the problem, because I must address a general need, speaking at one moment to one type of soul and at another moment to another. Addressing some with a particular level of concern or comprehension at one moment, and those with another at the next. We shall have to see if this will work.

In all communication there are three elements. There is

    the SOURCE
      the MEDIUM
        the RECEIVER.
It makes little difference what we are talking about. It could be light.
      The source (a bulb, the sun, or a fire) The medium (light waves - I won't get into the subject of aether.) The receiver (a mirror or any matter).
It could be sound.
      The source (a drum or other instrument) The medium (a gas or liquid such as air or water) The receiver (an ear or transducer).
It could be radio.
      The source (a transmitter or star) The medium (radio waves) The receiver (a walkman or a radio telescope)
The principle remains the same. In this case we have:
      The source (the teacher) The medium (email) The receiver (the pupil)
In each case there is also the MESSAGE.

The MESSAGE is quite separate from the signal or datum. The Message should contain Information. Otherwise, as in writing it is just empty marks, scribbling on paper. Many people can see the signal but not get the Message.

They can see the notes written on the musical score, but not hear the Music. They can even hear the sounds of the orchestra but not hear the Music. The Message and the Music are something separate from the Signal. The Message and the Music are something heard in the soul, not in the ear or in the instrument.

For this reason some can pick up the Bible or Koran or other Book of Revelation and just have the words sing off the pages to them while someone else will just see the smudges of words on paper.

The problem of lack of communication rests in either

    the Transmitter
      the Medium
        or the Receiver
In this case the MESSAGE comes from a perfect source. If you do not GET IT then the problem rests in
    the Transmitter (the teacher)
      the Medium (email)
        or the Receiver (the pupil - YOU).
I shall do my best to communicate it to you, but I assure you the problem is not in the Message.

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