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POP10 - The Soul of Love

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The second type of the four types of souls that I shall discuss is the Soul of Love

This type of Soul loves God well, and God well receives that love.

The possessors of this type of soul breath the very spirit of life into society.

As with all types of souls their strengths can become their weaknesses if they are misused.

As with all types of souls they have their preference as to type of religion, type of employment, type of enjoyment and association.

These souls delight in beauty, and when properly trained and educated help direct society in the path of compassion, mercy, and justice.

These souls need to be trained with particular tenderness and sensitivity. As they mature they must be guided in experiences that give them appreciation of the qualities of the other types of souls.

These souls can become musicians, poets and artists. They are also a proper source for healers, teachers, social workers, and a wide variety of other occupations.

In misdirected pursuits they create decadent music and art, associate themselves with others of weak moral discipline, and misdirect society as strongly as they might have morally directed it. In future discussion of other types of souls, I shall make some comparative references to the nature of this soul in regards to its search for Truth and also to some further requirements for the spiritual training of this type of soul. But, enough for now. In the next essay, on to the third type of soul.

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