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POP12 - The Soul of Spirit

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The fourth of the four types of souls may be called the Mystical Soul or the Soul of Spirit.

Those of the Mystical Soul, walk the Path of Intuition, and are potentially of the highest and most enlightened type. This type of Soul seeks God through Intuition, and God informs it of its relationship to God.

But the danger of this soul is that it can also most readily fall most deeply into the abyss of vain imaginings.

Substantial numbers of them used to inhabit our mental institutions, until the recent open door policy, and now they often wander the streets.

Among some I have as personal friends, is one who claims to be Jesus, another Sarah the Wife of Abraham. One believes that he is from Venus, (how many Venetians do you count among your friends?), and numerous ones have been UFO abductees and so forth.

The Mystical Soul is a Beautiful Gift, but oftentimes, I feel not one to be envied. Nevertheless, among strange, and even the irrational ones they often have insights that have often astounded me. For this reason alone, I count them as dear friends.

As a percentage of present day society, about 60% are souls of self, 20% souls of love, and 20% souls of reason. I recognize that adds up to 100%, and it is the "abouts" that make the difference, because they leave some small percentage that are the souls of spirit.

I myself am a soul of reason. It makes no difference. Each of us are what we are. In a sense we are all born equal - just different. It does no good for one who is a male to wish that they were female, or vice versa. Nor one who is of one race to wish that they were of another. We are what we are, but all loved by God. None of us will rise to the full potential and opportunity that God has provided for us no matter what state that we are in.

The soul of spirit, must travel the same paths to Truth, as anyone else. Those Paths are also Four, and I shall describe them in the following four emails.

The souls of spirit have their particular gifts and their particular hazards like every other type of soul.

This is a particularly difficult and dangerous time for them, if they are living in the present day because the darkness of the age can easily mislead them.

They should properly be the light unto the world, but when they themselves are dark then it is darkness upon darkness.

In their occupations, they are often poets, and some of the more successful, (although they do not seem to often be successful, by the world's monetary definitions), have been in occupations like psychologists.

But, for the most part, in the terms of this world, they appear to be among the alienated. Most of the alienated, come from other types, particularly the first type, but nevertheless I have most usually, found the Mystical Souls among them as bag ladies, mental patients, hobos and transients, sometimes living as hermits, other times in communes, monasteries, and ashrams.

Likewise, Be assured that most of the individuals, in those situations and locales are not among the Enlightened, or even of this type of soul, but we must be careful not to judge them by the eyes of the world, because God says that He leads them on their way, and sees them with different eyes than we do.

There is of course much more that I could say about these souls, and there are many other things that I might discuss with you about the different types of souls and about the nature of soul itself. Many questions that people have about the purpose of life and life after death. Indeed the questions would become endless.

However, as I have stated many times, the purpose of this series is none of that, but rather its purpose is to show you the Path to the True Prophet so that you may discover all those things for yourself.

In another POP series on the Four Paths to Truth, I discuss how each of the Four Types of Souls seeks to find Truth.

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