The Perspicuous Verses

Among others, these perspicuous verses have,
in answer to certain individuals,
been sent down from the Kingdom of Divine knowledge:

'O thou who hast set thy face towards the splendors of My Countenance!

Vague fancies have encompassed the dwellers of the earth
and debarred them from turning towards the Horizon of Certitude,
and its brightness, and its manifestations, and its lights.

Vain imaginings have withheld them
from Him Who is the Self-Subsisting.
They speak as prompted by their own caprices,
and understand not.

Among them are those who have said:
"Have the verses been sent down?"

      "Yea, by Him Who is the Lord of the heavens!"

"Hath the Hour come?"
    "Nay, more;
      it hath passed,
      by Him Who is the Revealer of clear tokens!

      Verily, the Inevitable is come,
      and He the True One,
      hath appeared with proof and testimony.

      The Plain is disclosed,
      and mankind is sore vexed and fearful.

      Earthquakes have broken loose,
      and the tribes have lamented, for fear of God,
      the Lord of Strength, the All-Compelling."

      "The stunning trumpet-blast
      hath been loudly raised,
      and the Day is God's, the One, the Unconstrained."

"Hath the Catastrophe come to pass?"

      "Yea by the Lord of Lords!"

"Is the Resurrection come?"

    "Nay, more;
      He Who is the Self-Subsisting hath appeared
      with the Kingdom of His signs."

"Seest thou men laid low?"

    "Yea by my Lord, the Exalted the Most High!"

"Have the tree stumps been uprooted?"

    "Yea, more;
      the mountains have been scattered in dust;
      by Him the Lord of attributes!

They say:
"Where is Paradise, and where is Hell?"

      "The one is reunion with Me;
      the other thine own self,
      O thou who dost associate a partner with God and doubtest."

They say:
"We see not the Balance."

      "Surely, by my Lord, the God of Mercy!
      None can see it
      except such as are endued with insight."

"Have the stars fallen?"

      "Yea, when He Who is the Self-Subsisting
      dwelt in the Land of Mystery.
      Take heed, ye who are endued with discernment!"

    All the signs appeared
    when We drew forth the Hand of Power
    from the bosom of majesty and might.
    Verily, the Crier hath cried out,
    when the promised time came,
    and they that have recognized the splendors of Sinai
    have swooned away in the wilderness of hesitation,
    before the awful majesty of the Lord,
    the Lord of creation.

    The trumpet asketh:
    "Hath the Bugle been sounded?"


      "Yea, by the King of Revelation!
      when He mounted the throne of His Name,
      the All-Merciful."

      Darkness hath been chased away
      by the dawning-light of the mercy of thy Lord,
      the Source of all light.

      The breeze of the All-Merciful hath wafted,
      and the souls have been quickened
      in the tombs of their bodies.

      Thus hath the decree been fulfilled by God,
      the Mighty, the Beneficent.

They that have gone astray have said:
"When were the heavens cleft asunder?"

      "While ye lay in the graves
      of waywardness and error."
Among the heedless is he who rubbeth his eyes,
and looketh to the right and to the left.

      "Blinded art thou.
      No refuge hast thou to flee to."
And among them is he who saith:
"Have men been gathered together?"

      "Yea, by My Lord!
      whilst thou didst lie in the cradle of idle fancies."

And among them is he who saith:
"Hath the Book been sent down
through the power of the true Faith?"

      "The true Faith itself is astounded.
      Fear ye, O ye men of understanding heart!"
And among them is he who saith:
"Have I been assembled with others, blind?

      "Yea, by Him that rideth upon the clouds!"

      Paradise is decked with mystic roses,
      and hell hath been made to blaze
      with the fire of the impious.

      "The light hath shone forth
      from the horizon of Revelation,
      and the whole earth hath been illumined
      at the coming of Him
      Who is the Lord of the Day of the Covenant!"

      The doubters have perished,
      whilst he that turned,
      guided by the light of assurance,
      unto the Dayspring of Certitude hath prospered.

      Blessed art thou,
      who hast fixed thy gaze upon Me,
      for this Tablet which hath been sent down for thee -
      a Tablet which causeth the souls of men to soar.

      Commit it to memory,
      and recite it.
      By My Life!
      It is a door to the mercy of thy Lord.
      Well is it with him that reciteth it
      at eventide and at dawn.

      We, verily, hear thy praise of this Cause,
      through which
      the mountain of knowledge was crushed,
      and men's feet have slipped.

      My glory be upon thee
      and upon whosoever hath turned unto the Almighty,
      the All-Bounteous.

    The Tablet is ended,
    but the theme is unexhausted.
    Be patient, for thy Lord is Patient.