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Survival Resources

Free Books for Downloading

Radiation and Detectors

Information on Shelter Building

What is in this section, is what is leftover or still remains from the old 'survival' website days. These 'Resource' pages were at one time the main focus of our web site (second only to that of the World Language Process which is our primary interest).

Once the catastrophe occurs - the resource for survival information on this site will be of considerably less use because we will be past the time to prepare (if it is not too late already). For over forty years my wife and I have made an intensive effort to alert people to the threat and to urge them to prepare for it. I could never have done alone all that we have done together. For weeks she stood at my side and helped load two printing presses for imprinting of over one-hundred thousand booklets which we gave away absolutely free. Since the advent of the Internet untold thousands more booklets have been downloaded in a printable format for printing and distribution by many other people.

We used many ways of getting the information out to the public. We sent out tens of thousands of pieces of literature through the mails. We set up booths at numerous fairs, I appeared on many dozens of TV and radio programs, many of national and international scope, and there were so many newspaper and magazine articles written about the Ark Two that we long ago lost count. Literally, multiple millions of people heard about our efforts. And we have never charged anyone a penny for any of the information.

Once the Internet became popular, it surpassed all our other efforts of informing people. The interest in our web pages grew to where we get thousands of hits each day. Sometimes, at a period of particular interest it can be tens of thousands. At 9/11, during one three hour period there were over 85,000 hits which completely swamped the system and the server had to pull the plug. Within hours our webmaster had the url rerouted to a new dedicated server directly on the backbone and we were back up. Parts of the site were eventually mirrored at over 30 locations, and is currently fully mirrored at three other sites, with off-line mirrors on standby in all fifty states and a number of foreign countries, to be activated, if possible, after the catastrophe. We have no idea how many hits daily there are on all the sites combined.

In this section of our website you will find extensive information about shelter building, and radiation detection equipment along with extensive resources such as books that you can print out that cover almost every aspect of nuclear survival. While we still maintain and distribute this information, on nuclear survival, there are now many other websites that provide similar information. For this reason the main focus of this website has now gone on to the '3Rs' and what will be necessary for Society AFTER Doomsday

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