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Safe America For Everyone
In Memory of
9/11 2001
There is a growing concern on the part of some people (although most still remain blind) that a GREAT Catastrophe of some sort is approaching that will cause society to collapse. Ideas differ as to whether it is nuclear war, pandemic, earth changes, economic, financial, environmental or other events that will be the cause. Throughout America, and some other places in the world, there are thousands who are preparing in case the collapse can't be avoided. You are invited to become part of the post-apocalyptic Ark Two SAFE program in Minnesota.

Information for Minnesota

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To see 'The PAPER' and, if you like, to download the
printing master
for its reproduction.

'The Paper' is meant to be used as a promotional tool after the catastrophe - to tell people about how to reconstruct society.

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Society AFTER Doomsday


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Numerous sources on this web site and on the CD image of it have been taken from open sources on the web. Should anyone have a valid copyright issue that they do no want the information to be made freely available to the public through this source please contact me and I will remove it.

Description of The Ark Two
Survival Complex
in Canada

The following information is provided for those who wish to know more about the Ark Two facility in Canada.

For CD owners - here are the
book printing masters
for Copyleft use AFTER the holocaust. The book itself,
Society AFTER Doomsday
is copyrighted until that time.

Information for YOUR Community

    The key is not that there is so much information -
    but that it is organized so that it is useful.

Link here for

371 web files
on this web site or CD
that discuss problems of RECONSTRUCTION
that you may face in your own
Minnesota community

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well organized
web files
on this web site or CD
that discuss technologies for RECOVERY
that you may be able to use
in your own
Minnesota community

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SAFE Contacts

Your most important SAFE Contact is the one listed at the top of this page

When you ENROLL in SAFE
you will receive the Ark Two / SAFE Newsletter.

You can also participate in the SAFE Blog

This link tells you
how to Contact
Ark Two
on HAM Radio
the Catastrophe

The Renewal of Religion

The basis of Society AFTER Doomsday must be the Renewal of Religion. The world is in the condition that it is because it has turned away from God and the true spirit of religion. The sole purpose of religion is to love God and serve one's fellow man according to God's commands. THAT spirit must grow in you from wherever you are in your practice of religion. Each of us must seek to increase our spirit of love of God and our service to our fellowman.

Ark Two and SAFE are non-denominational. While the founder does not push any one religion in the Ark Two and SAFE programs, he does strongly encourage people to return to the true spirit of religion and to be understanding and appreciative of other's religions. While he does not conceal his religion, as can be seen in his biography and in this religion section, neither does he press it upon anyone else as a part of the Ark Two and SAFE programs.

This is a call to you to obtain Society AFTER Doomsday and in service to God and humanity to become a SAFE TEAM Leader in helping to teach others about any truth you find therein. At some point, society is going to have to be reconstructed and this is how you can help. Teach others about your own religion, and teach them how they can help reconstruct society.

Post Catastrophe
Reconstruction Information for Minnesota
In the future we hope that this page will have lots of specific information for Minnesota. The following would be some examples:

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Nuclear Threats
in Minnesota
Maps of:
destruction -

mn nuclear small.jpg

Maps of:
Existential hazards -
in Minnesota
and other states


National Hazards

Survivor Locator


specialists, information, resource for seed, etc.,


Maps of:
social disrest -
secure highways -
reconstructed communities -

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