Ten Reasons Why
You Should NOT Join SAFE
  1. You don't believe there is going to be a catastrophe or that society is about to collapse.
  2. If it does occur - it may be a long time off - and you want to just live life and not worry.
  3. When the Catastrophe does occur you are going to be raptured first.
  4. You are convinced that the Government has made preparation and will take care of you.
  5. You are concerned only about you and your own family's survival.
  6. You want to survive / cooperate only with 'your kind' of people (religious / racial / political philosophy).
  7. You think it will be everyone for 'themselves'.
  8. You plan live off nature in the deep woods.
  9. You are sure that it is not survivable.
  10. If it does occur - you don't want to survive - and plan to commit suicide with your family.