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For a FREE book

I feel that this book is so important to get out to people that I would gladly give away a million copies and not make a dime on it - if I could figure out how to do so. I am really concerned about what to do for people who can't afford a copy, and I can completely understand and sympathize with that situation, because I couldn't afford a copy either.

So if this applies to you, I am going to begin this way. If you will go down to your local library and get the librarian to send me an email at:

[email protected]

requesting a free book and saying that they will catalog and put the book in the community library - I will send them a free copy. The email needs to come from the library itself - and to include mention of this offer and contain the address that the book is to be shipped to. Some people are buying our special offer and putting one of the copies in their local library. There is the off-chance that your library may already have a copy, but if not, you can tell them to look at:

where they can order it, or see this offer and request it.

Peace and love,