Comparison of the book
Society AFTER Doomsday
and the
TRIAD book

    In the book Society AFTER Doomsday I described the LERN networking concept for communities. That is entirely different from the TRIAD networks presented here. BOTH are NECESSARY. The LERN networks are for communities and can only be established after societal collapse. The TRIAD networks are for individuals and are needed both before and after the anticipated calamitous events.

    The following chart lists the distinctions between them.

TRIAD Network

LERN Network

Can be created immediately.

Can only be created after societal collapse.

Random and undefined network structure.

Specifically defined structure.

Created by individual choice.

Created by authorized elections.

Useful for many purposes.

Designed for a specific purpose.

Unlimited population.

Structure and levels determined by population size.

Nodes created and abandoned randomly.

Nodes fixed by geographical location.

Membership determined voluntarily.

Membership automatically determined by geographical location.