TRIAD Networking Concept

The following diagram shows the automatic extension that will occur for the single/individual TRIAD described previously. It is because of this automatic self-replicating extension that TRIAD can eventually have world-wide effect rather than just what it brings to the lives of those who first implement them.

In the following diagram, at "A" you are associated with two different TRIADs. and the other members of your original TRIAD are also associated with still other TRIADs. As you see - you can simultaneously be associated with more than one TRIAD. While in the following diagram we show "A" only being associated with two different diagrams, it would be possible for "A" to also be a member of several more.

Each TRIAD of which "A" is a member will have three, and only three, members. However, unbeknownst to "A" the TRIADS of which "A" is a member can be networked to innumerable other TRIADS in unimaginable ways, and through them to a great host of people. Throughout the network, as all the individual members of each TRIAD join / form additional TRIADS, the number of links between TRIADs increases exponentially, and along with it the networking power and the positive results that such massive consultation brings.

The increase in networking, from what has just been described, is so immense that it is impossible to show it diagramatically but this demonstrates it elementally.