In addition to the present 25 scripted videos that we have done about survival subjects there are the following three videos
about Ark Two itself.

Ark Two on National Geographic - The Doomsday Preppers

Beginnings: A video about how Ark Two was built.

Ark Two: INSIDE.

We are presently scripting and shooting additional videos about
the Georgia Guide Stones and about the Illuminati.

"Three Minutes with Ark Two" YouTube List
(Some are actually more like ten minutes)

Title - Link
1 How To Filter Fallout Out of the Air The question we are most asked. The most important filtering is done by the shape of the intake. Usually nothing or very little more is needed.
2 How To Move Air in the Shelter It is important to continuosly refresh and move around the air inside the shelter to prevent build up of carbon dioxide. Filtering can be done by as little as a wet bed sheet.
3 Water Supply in the Shelter
Water supply is second only to air supply. Many of the same issues surrounding filtering water are similar to filtering air.
4 Food Handling in the Shelter
Food handling, cooking and storage is basic to shelter operation. Once again there is the concern about radiation decontamination in a fallout situation.
5 Recommended Books There are three specifically recommended books that one needs to read to grasp the nature of what they need to prepare for - and how to go about making preparation.
5a Faraday Cage GUEST VIDEO! On making a Faraday Cage.
Unfortunately most people will not prepare - so DOWNLOAD NOW the printing master for a free newspaper telling people what to do 'after the event'.
7 FREE Literature from our website We provide downloadable radiological defense FREE books and pamphlets and over 4,000 files on 'The Four Rs' of survival Resources, Recovery, Reconstruction, Renewal.
7a The 23 Myths About Radiation A brief explanation of each of the 23 Myths About Radiation as listed in the free book by that name in the above link.
8 The Stonehenge Windows Replica at Ark Two Among the many interesting things to see at Ark Two are our Stonehenge Windows replica that would help us to measure any physical earth pole shift.
9 Designing Shelter Entrances It appears that the most difficult thing for people to comprehend in shelter design is that of the ENTRANCE and air intakes/exhausts. I hope the pictures in this video will help.
10 Understanding Radiation Most people do not have an understanding as to how radiation works. What is dangerous and what isn't. In this video we cover the basic concepts.
11 The Half Life of Radiation Many people do not grasp the concept of 'half life' of radioactive isotopes. Some isotopes last for millions of years. This is not actually bad.
12 The Permissible Limits of Radiation We all get radiation every day. From the sun, and from the cosmos. It wears off just like a sun tan so we can get more. The question is - "How much is it safe to get at once?"
13 Effects of Levels of Radiation Warning: This video has VERY graphic images
14 Talking to the Walking Dead The effects of radiation are cummulative so relatively low levels will kill people who don't take shelter.
15 Detecting Radiation Because you can't see, hear, touch, feel radiation (except at very high levels), the question is how to detect it.
16 Rechargeable Dosimeters One very useful radiation detector is a rechargeable dosimeter. Here I show how to recharge one.
17 Using a Dosimeter It is important to use a rechargeable dosimeter correctly and astonishingly - they can also be used as a ratemeter!
Pt. 1
Some Free Radiation Detectors Some radiation detectors can be had for free and others for practically free. Here I introduce you to how to build your own from things around your home. (10 minutes)
Pt. 2
KFM Problems There are three specific problems that most often occur in building a KFM. In this video I discuss those problems and how to avoid them. (10 minutes)
Pt. 3
Making Threads Detailed Explanation on making proper threads for the KFM (10 minutes)
IMPORTANT! When building a KFM you SHOULD look at this additional TUTORIAL LINK!
19 Expedient Shelters An expedient shelter is one that you can build at the time of an emergency if you haven't built one ahead of time. Knowing how could save your family's life.
20 Use of Potassium Iodide or Iodate Potassium Iodide or Potassium Iodate are not a magic pill that will replace having a shelter but they are also very important to have when there is radioactive fallout. (10 minutes)