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POP13 - Authority

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In this next four letters, of the POP Series, I am discussing the Four Paths to Truth.

There are ONLY four possible paths. Each and every type of soul, must travel each and everyone of the paths, if they are to find the True One.

The most used, the most useful, Path is Authority.

This path is the most beloved path, of the Self Type of Soul, and yet it must too travel the other paths also.

And all the other types of soul, must most certainly travel this path. All souls learn over 90%, way over 90% of what they learn, through this path of authority.

If we were isolated in a closed room, or were on an island by ourselves, and had no teachers, from the present or the past, we would unlikely never even learn how to turn the door knob or means of getting out of the room or off the island. So we are taught by authorities.

First it is our parents, then our teachers, and ministers and Sunday School teachers. We learn from books, and magazines, and newspapers, and the TV, and movies, and many other places that we hear people say things.

For the most part, we do not have time to check it all out, for ourselves, so we most often separate conflicting opinions, by asking the source, and accepting the source we respect.

Who said that? The doctor, the lawyer, the minister, the teacher, our parents. Ahh then, that must be right, because they are our authority.

We can do no otherwise. Even the doctor and pharmacist, must rely upon the Pharmaceutical Book, because they do not have time to go check out the effect of every drug personally.

The Engineer must rely upon the Engineering manual, because he cannot test the strength of everything himself. EVERY profession relies upon its authorities, whether medical, scientific, or religious, because no one has time to check it all out, for themselves.

I could go on at much greater length about how AUTHORITY is so important as our source of Knowledge, BUT, on the other hand, AUTHORITY is the main block and obstacle, to any new advances in knowledge.

EVERY new idea, scientific invention, discovery of a law of science, is the repudiation of Authority, which previously had said, that it was not THAT way, or otherwise the new idea is nothing new, but simply the application of old existing principles.

So, there we have the First, and Foremost, Path to Truth. Authority.

Next, the Second Path.

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