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ESSAY 14 - Final Step

You can look back at the previous essay to see that we have reduced all the numbers (dates) to one of two numbers - 1844 and 1260. We will now look at the explanation of how to convert these all to 1844. The direction for doing this is found at the start of Revelation Chapter Eleven, which is the start of where many of the numbers are found in the Book of Revelation.

Rev. 11:1-2


Now the question is who were the Gentiles that occupied the area outside the Temple?
They were the Muslims.

So we are not to use the Christian measure in measuring this forty and two months but rather we are to use the Muslim measure. In other words, we are to recognize that these are the dates on the Muslim calendar.

We have seen how 42 months (and ALL the other scriptures) reduce to 1260. The following formula, is so accurate that it has a maximum error of a day in converting the commencement date any Muslim year to the year on the Christian calendar. You can verify the formula in many encyclopedias and other sources.

multiply 970,224 by the Muslim year,
point off six decimal places
and add 621.5774.

The whole number will be the year C.E.,
and the decimal multiplied by 365
will give the day of the year.

Here is the math. Be SURE to check it through for yourself. It will then be meaningful to you. If you are not sufficiently interested to check the math then you are not sufficiently interested in the answer for it to make any difference.


!!! 1844 !!!

And what happened in 1844? Two things of significance!

1. There was the Edict of Toleration. The above Scripture (Rev. 11:1-2) pointed out -

After Jesus came as the Messiah of the Jews, the Jews were scattered and not permitted to enter the Holy Land. This bothered the Jews greatly because their were many verses in Isaiah, and the other prophets, that had said that He (the Messiah) would gather them together, but the opposite occurred with Jesus. However, Jesus said, So they were dispersed, and not allowed to return, but now in 1844 there was given the Edict of Toleration. Here is some information on that from another researcher. -you can obtain copies of the English language documents that refer to it from the Public Record Office in London.

------another source--------------
H.G.Guiness, who in his book, "Light for the Last Days" (probably published around the turn of the century) wrote "the decree [Edict of Toleration] was published in the 1260th year of the [Muslim] calendar. It is dated March 21st 1844. This date is the first of Nisan in the Jewish year, and is exactly 23 centuries [2300 years] from the 1st Nisan, B.C. 457, the day on which Ezra states that he left Babylon in compliance with the decree given in the seventh year of the reign of Artaxerxes."

So there we have it -------->

DAN 8:14 1844 C.E. from our previous proof regarding Christ
7:25 1844 C.E.
9:27 1844 C.E.
12:7 1844 C.E.
Luke 4:25 1844 C.E.
REV 11:2 1844 C.E.
:3 1844 C.E.
:9 1844 C.E.
:11 1844 C.E.
12:6 1844 C.E.
:14 1844 C.E.
13:5 1844 C.E.

The next and final essay, in this series of 15 essays on the Most Conclusive Proof, discusses the significance of these numbers.

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