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ESSAY 11 - Revelation

There are as many paradigms as there are people. We all view the world differently. Some people view the world as having been created a few thousand years ago - others think that it may have been millions or billions of years ago. Whatever one imagines it is too little because we are dealing with the Infinite and Eternal and that is a different paradigm, a different way of looking at the world and Reality.

Some people see Creation in a "magical" way. Others feel that they have a "scientific' appreciation of Creation. But no matter what our concepts, the best that we can know today is that they are limited and relative to the Absolute Reality. There are many speculations held by people about the nature of reality, the nature of creation, the source and purpose of our being. One can hear a great variety, about reptilian evolution, seeding from the stars, special creation from the dust, and too many others to even mention.

The two extremes which one should challenge are scientific materialism, that says man has all the answers in his intellect with no need for revealed religion, and its opposite pole dogmatic orthodoxy, which says all Truth has been already revealed and no further Truth can be revealed. It has been mainly for the followers of scientific materialism that we have attempted to prove mathematically that Jesus was the Christ and that the Bible is a reliable source of prophecy.

While the mathematical proof that Jesus was the Christ is a difficult emotional challenge to the atheist and agnostic the next mathematical proofs from the Bible will be an equally difficult emotional challenge to any of a dogmatic orthodox religious inclination who have managed to hold onto this point. Because whereas before we used mathematical proofs to show from the Jewish Old Testament Scriptures that those Scriptures contained prophecies about the Christian Religion, we are now going to use the Christian Gospel to show with even greater mathematical surety that the New Testament contains prophecies about other religions such as Islám and Bahá'í.

There are many marvelous prophecies in the Book of Revelation, but they are mostly concealed from the Christians who give fantastic superstitious interpretations about them. The Book of Revelation contains accurate prophecies about things both past and future which therefore become the proof of its significance and reliability. It is through understanding its prophecies about things past that we can have confidence about its prophecies of things future, although we will not be able to clearly understand many of them until they occur.

In the next essay we shall get into the mathematical proofs and while in these 15 essays we shall not spend a lot of time dealing with the prophecies themselves, other than showing the mathematical key to them, there is this one that we shall look at as an example. Many a Christian has opened the Book of Revelation to find Marvelous Prophecies and Exhortations directed to several small and insignificant congregations in the vicinity of Israel, even though Rev.5:2-5 says that it could not be understood until the seals were opened.

The Churches addressed were not those actual specific congregations, but the church names were used in the Prophecies as type designators or markers, archetypes, for to whom the Messages were actually being addressed. Each of these tiny little congregations were but symbols for the Religions of the World. Each one was being used as a Symbol for one of the World's Major Religions. This is why these churches were so important as to be addressed in this "Summary Book of Christian Revelation". What was actually being addressed was each of the World's Major Religions.

The Seven Religions (Churches) were:

Progressive Revelation - Nine Divinely Revealed Religions
Number Date Religion Revealer Book Rev. Verses
Church Name
1 5000 B.C. Sabean Abraham Kanza Rama Rev. 2:1-7
2 3000 B.C. Hindu Krishna Vedas Rev. 2:8-11
3 1250 B.C. Jewish Moses Torah Rev. 2:12-17
4 1000 B.C. Parsee/Zoroastrian Zoroaster Ivesta Rev. 2:18-29
5 500 B.C. Buddhist Gotama Tripitaka Rev. 3:1-6
6 26 C.E. Christian Jesus Gospel Rev. 3:7-13
7 622 C.E. Islám/Islámic Muhammad Qur'án Rev. 3:14-22

The Two Religions (to come) were:

8 1844 C.E. Bábí Báb Bayan Other
9 1863 C.E. Bahá'í Bahá'u'lláh Kitáb-i-Aqdas Other

Each Prophet/Manifestation/Revealer

Starts a new Calendar
Brings a new Book
Teaches His followers to love God
Teaches His followers to love his fellow man
Reinforces the former spiritual teachings
Brings new spiritual teachings
Brings social teachings suitable for that Day and Age
Tells His followers to watch for the NEXT Prophet - that is - His Return

While a study of each of the ancient religions would be interesting it is far beyond the limits of this presentation. Nevertheless, it was not beyond the view of the Bible. And it was to each of these Religions that the Book of Revelation was addressed.

Rev: 1:4

The references to things like Seven Stars being in the Hand (or Crown) of the Messenger the Seven Golden Candle Sticks are symbolic and again refer to the Seven Religions being in the Hand and Kingdom of the Lord, and that He walks among them. One might note also that it is the Angel of Each Church that is addressed. Each Church (Religion) is generally praised for some aspect of its behavior and chastised for some other aspect. And thus it is that any open minded student of comparative religion can usually find some strong beneficial point in each religion along with some characteristic weakness in its followers.

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