POP07 - The Seeker

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This essay in the POP series is the last one in which I will be talking about my own experiences. There is another series of POP essays that should be much more interesting to you, because they talk about YOU. They talk about the Four Types of Souls, and help you to discover what type you are.

My purpose in talking about my own experiences has been two fold. So, that you could know something about me, but,

    While it is good to know the teacher,
    It is better to know thyself.

Secondly, I wanted you to know that I have examined many, many paths to Truth and while I won't say that there are any false paths some of them are very, very circuitous. I am hoping to show to you what I have found to be The True Path.

Many people send me all sorts of information today. And I am very appreciative to receive it. Information about all sorts of dreams visions prophets predictions and many other interesting things.

I have a very Fast Filter so I can deal with all of these very rapidly. But the problem is that other people have fast filters also.

They say to me -

      "Beach, do you believe X about _______ ?"
      "And if you don't then you are wrong, wrong, wrong."

You can fill in your own words for the blank, but just yesterday some them would have been the Rapture the NWO Christ Resurrection Reincarnation and twice about the White Buffalo and twice about the Environment and one of the fellows wanted to be removed from the list because my answer was not the right one about the environment.

Many times too, the blank is about which church and this can be Catholic Mormon (LDS) or just Christianity itself. Millions of people out there have such fast filters that they would not even be on this list in the first place.

The real issue is not how FAST one's filter is, but how ACCURATE it is. Better accurate than fast, but we get so much information today that you need to be able to sort out what you are going to examine.

Here is a good test. You have a lot of experience in your life and have hopefully already sorted out lots of baloney. As a result you have developed a system of thought, perhaps even a philosophy that you trust.

When someone comes with something new, then your natural and proper response is,

      "How does this fit in
      with what I already know".

If the person has no idea of what you believe, then they can't explain their belief from your perspective. It just boils down to:

      "I believe this - you believe that",

about superficial matters with no understanding of why.

Okay, so they have a great and complicated system, about physics or whatever, but they need to be able to put it in terms that you can understand.

It is a long journey to understand a complicated system but every journey must begin from where you are and in terms that you understand. That is the teacher's responsibility to meet you on the path at the point where you are. It is then your responsibility to take the next step on the path in which the teacher points.

If someone shows up at my door in the next few minutes and says:

      "Beach, you are full of baloney,
      and I can prove it to you."

I will say,

      "Welcome, welcome in.
      I have been waiting for you. What took you so long to come?"

Now, this person, to know that I am wrong, "full of baloney" is going to have to know what I believe. Otherwise, it is as if he says,

      "Beach I have something WONDERFUL in this box
      that you should have."

and I look in the box and I say -

      "Oh, THAT is wonderful,
      but I have something even more WONDERFUL in my box."

and he replies,

      "No, no, no, this is the MOST wonderful thing
      that there is. There can't be anything more wonderful."

and I say,

      "Yes, that which you have IS wonderful,
      but I have looked in both boxes,
      and I know that what is in my box is MORE wonderful."

still he replies,

      "No, no, no, I have a lot of experience with what is in my box
      and there just can't be anything more wonderful."

At this point, we can't go forward. If the person is a Christian I tell them,

      "Yes, Christ is WONDERFUL,
      and I would not have you to have Christ any less,
      but I want you to have Christ more,
      because God is Infinite and there is always more."

But, it is often the case that people can only look in their box, or if they will even glance in another box it is not really to see what is in it but just so that they can "prove" that what is in their box is better.

All this will never do. One must lay aside their prejudices no matter what they are to step forward on the True Path. People are born into all sorts of prejudices. You are whatever color skin you are - because your parents were that color skin. You speak whatever language you speak - because your parents spoke that language. You are probably whatever nationality your parents were, and a member of whatever religion (Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu) that your parents were. You are in the box that you were born in.

Oh, we make small changes, from one denomination to another. Learning a "foreign" language, changing from one political party to another, but all within the culture of which we are a part.

If you were born in America it is very unlikely that you will end up as a Buddhist in Japan speaking Japanese or as a Hindu in India speaking Punjabi. And why would you want to. You know that what you have is good. But it is just that a dramatic change that I am inviting you to, because it is to something BETTER. MUCH BETTER.

There is really no need for you to read further in this particular email. If you are committed to the journey, then I have had said enough. The rest is too much, because it is again just about my personal experiences.

Many the tale that I would like to share with you - about a number of mystical experiences in the Arctic, about my UFO encounters - (that alone takes over an hour to relate verbally), but briefly I was a control tower operator at one of the five experimental Air Force Bases in the U.S., and actually sent planes in pursuit.

I would like to tell you about my publishing (for another writer) lengthy books on Pyramidology (I was a publisher for some years).

I would like to tell you about many strange astronomical phenomena that I have studied (I set up a professional observatory at one college) and you might like to look at my millenium star.

I would like to tell you about studies on the Bible Code (a way of counting and arranging the letters in the original Bible Texts so as to create prophecies). Or about a study that a friend of mine did on the Celestine Prophecies, that really impressed me.

I would like to talk further about Bibliomancy, the various methods of turning randomly to Scriptures for guidance. (One method that I am considerably more inclined towards).

I could tell you about experiences in many different Ashrams, with the Moonies, and the Hari Krishnas, with Dianetics and the E-meter -yep, read the whole book - did the tests.

Yes, I took the courses, received the secrets, of most every Guru that you can name - from TM (the Beatles favorite) to the (young at the time) Guru Maharaji (just checked that he is still around). All very interesting.

Met all sorts of interesting people. Weekly luncheons with one group that had several UFO abductees (so they claimed or believed). Most of them realized that they were schizophrenic, having at sometime been hospitalized, but one may have been one of the few real charlatans that I have ever met. He made, and I guess still makes, a substantial living from his books which are particularly popular in Japan. Most of these people are simply self deluded. Doesn't mean that I don't still like them, and also that they don't sometimes (mixed in) have amazing insights - because they often do.

Just like drug and alcohol addicts. Often amazing insights about everything except their own problems. Too often we are quick to call groups cults. They are just people who have gotten off the path of reality more commonly accepted. Usually the paths have many erroneous elements, but so then is the path followed by most "normal" people. That of knowing all the latest sports scores, what the popular brand names are for clothing, knowing who the stars are in the latest movies , and all the materialistic hype of modern CULTure, is another path equally divorced from reality, as is all the dogmatic conformance to churchianity, patriotism, or for that matter any other fanaticism of the current "CULTural revolutions".

We should not envy the powerful or rich (I have been in the same room with a number of U.S. presidents), nor despise the poor and downtrodden, for God leads each on their own way. I have taught volunteer college courses to lifers in prison, and have served as a psychiatric social worker, in several institutions, and I know that many of these people are more sincere in their struggle to find reality, than are masses of people that freely wander the earth. I at one time lived a block and a half from the corner of Haight and Ashbury. You have to be ooollld to understand the significance of that.

My purpose in reciting all this to you, is that you may know that I have examined every avenue, in the search for Truth. And as lengthy as is this accounting it does not begin to exhaust all that I have done. Strange Rosicrucian experiences. Serving as Chauffeur and Guard for Ezra Taft Benson, then Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, and later Prophet of the Mormon Church (I put this in for my LDS friends), and still the list goes on and on. Who else among you has had your life threatened in Philadelphia Mississippi (where three voting workers bodies were found buried in the dam), or have lain on the floor with your family as the gun battles went on in the street one floor below and a block and a half from the Black Panther Headquarters.

But enough of this. Too much already, although I could go on and on. I receive many emails each day (all of which I try to answer) from people with a great variety of different belief systems.

The purpose of the previous emails was to show the spirit of search with which one must seek. But, as Jonathan Livingston Seagull once said, "It is good to be a seeker, but it is better to be a finder."

And in my searching- I did find. I found not only how to identify the True Prophet, but I also found the True Prophet. The time is now too short to continue with tales. The time has come for the Truth to be Told, and I shall tell you how to find it for yourself. But, you must be willing to make the journey yourself. No one else can make it for you. Just as every student of mathematics must work the mathematics out for themselves, because no one else can do it for them. Oh' we can show the formula, go through the exercise, but in the end each one must think it out for their self.

Because we live in a Christian Culture, the proofs that I am going to present are Christian proofs. If we lived in a Buddhist, Moslem, Hindu, or other culture, then I would use proofs from those cultures.

It makes no difference if you consider yourself a Christian or not, because you live in a Christian culture, you will be able to understand the proofs from a Christian perspective. Yes, we will look in the Bible, and if you do not currently believe in the Bible, then afterwards, if you follow the presentation, you will come to a new appreciation of its significance.

So now, our search for the True Prophet, and the True Prophecies, has taken this turn. Bear with me if you will, or depart in peace. If you wish to see the Proof of the True Prophet, then you should go to The Most Conclusive Proof