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Preface to Essays on the
The Most Conclusive Proof
by Bruce Beach

"The Most Conclusive Proof" as presented here is intended to lead the reader through the mathematical Most Conclusive Proof that Jesus was the Christ and then to use those same methods on the prophecies regarding this day and age.

In these 15 MCP essays we examine some tests for reality and sanity. And a different paradigm regarding location and time than you were taught in school - plus the definition of "Manifestation", which is the key and most difficult concept to comprehend in the Bahá'í Teachings..

The concepts presented here completely changed the writer's worldview and the world view of many others who have taken the time to master them. It is hoped that you will take the time to carefully study through the following 14 essays. Some are just a matter of reading them. Others among them take careful thought and calculation. You need take out pencil and paper and "do the numbers" for yourself.

The Essays
The Proof that Jesus was the Christ
Expectation of the Return of Christ
A New Paradigm
The Mathematical Proof
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