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ESSAY 02 - Most Conclusive Proof - Introduction

What we are going to do now will be a shock to many non-Christian readers. If you subscribe to a New Age Religion or No Religion, please follow, nevertheless, what we are going to do. Almost all readers who were raised in a "nominally" Christian culture will have no problem in following the presentation if they will just make the effort.

What is being presented here is a mathematical proof that Jesus was (is) the Christ and that the Bible is a reliable source of prophecy. This is not going to hurt you in any way. Do not be afraid - It won't turn you into a flaming Fundamentalist. As traumatic as you may feel that such a change in viewpoint might be for you, you may rest assured that the things to follow will be even more of a challenge for our Christian Friends. The growth in Truth is always a challenge for all of us.

After the mathematical proof about Jesus we will take a small pause and look at the Three Spheres of Reality used by psychiatrists to determine whether one is sane or not. From there we will pass on to the New Paradigm that will undoubtedly completely change your life if you comprehend it and accept it.

To begin the journey, you need to read two chapters in the Bible. This is not a terribly arduous thing to do. If you don't have a Bible, they aren't hard to come by in our society. It really makes no difference which version you use. Many use the old King James Version - but whatever you have or get will be fine. The two chapters that you need to read are:

Matthew 24 and
Daniel 9

The next essay will start into these two chapters. Not verse by verse, but rather on a mathematical thread. If you follow it through it will be an experience that you will remember the whole of your life. How many things can you remember from the past, that were truly significant to your life and that you will never forget. On the other hand, how many TV shows, Movies, Books, conversations, events and so forth have you forgotten? Then take the time, to do something that will be so significant in your life that you will never forget it.

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