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Ark Two Founder's Page on Religion

While Ark Two does not have a particular religion that it requires others to participate in - still Ark Two is very supportive of religion and encourages people in their religion no matter what it may be.

The following is list of more or less 'religious' and related topics that comprise a part of my belief system. I include them here not only because I love to share them but so that people will not think that I have some 'hidden agenda'.

    The Book of Revelation: One Bah�'�s Concept

        This is a book that that my wife has been in the process of writing, even since before I met her over forty years ago. She has asked that I put it on this web site so that she can get input from others to help her improve it before she sees about getting it published.

    Essays: Series of Religious Essays - Premises

        This is the introduction to the following series of religious essays. It contains the author's premises of religion but the premises are recommended for reading only by those who wish to discuss the subject of religion with him.

    Ocean: The Revealed Word of God available as never before!

        The most marvelous source for searching relgious writings. It includes Hindu, Zoroastrian, Old Testament, Gospel, Koran, Mormon, Bah�'� Scripture and many, many others. Over 1,000 books, that take up surprisingly little space on your hard drive (110 mb) for the number of books involved. I have spent many hundreds of dollars over the years for the best search programs I could find but none have been nearly as good as this one - and it is free.

    Meditation: and The Path of Prayer

        A discussion of prayer and meditation along with some special Bah�'� prayers and a rare translation of a Chant by 'Abdu'l-Bah�.

    Stars: Prophecies in the Stars

        Astrological predictions, as regards individual day to day events, are a superstition. Nevertheless, many people feel that there have been notable signs in the heavens, such as that regarding the Bethlehem Star and the birth of Jesus. Here we examine a more recent and even more astounding phenomena, the fulfillment of an ancient tradition in the Millenium Star.

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