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ESSAY 06 - Year 1844

This proof, so far, is so paradigm shaking that many undoubtedly cannot believe that the 1844 GREAT EXPECTATION of the Christians was fulfilled and that Christ returned. However, the Christians failed to recognize The Return just in the same way and practically for the same reasons as the Jews failed to recognize Jesus at the beginning of the first century.

Many Christians say, "Well, if it didn't make any more difference than that - if my expectations about rapture, the graves opening, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, were not fulfilled then He doesn't make any difference to me." Just as many Jews said, "Well if that is the way it turned out for God's Chosen people and we ended up being booted out of Israel and going through the Holocaust at the hands of a nation that called itself Christian - then who needed Him?"

To answer some quick questions:

There is much more that can be said about them. Particularly regarding their prophecies for the present and future. This paradigm is so shaking that we shall pause here while many go screaming for the exits quoting the same kinds of quotes as were quoted about Jesus' appearance at the first century. During this pause we will examine the Three Tests of Reality used by psychiatrists to determine if a person is sane.

Because many will wonder how a sane person can believe that Christ has returned. But you must remember that this proof started out for those who did not particularly believe in Christ and the Bible in the first place, although they had been raised in a Christian culture. Our purpose was to raise their confidence in the Bible as a source of Prophecy through this mathematical proof that Jesus was the Christ.

After the 3 essays on, the Three Tests of Reality used by psychiatrists, we will return to simpler but even more astounding, indeed, much more astounding mathematical prophecies from the Bible that have gone totally unrecognized by the Christians. Eventually, we will be able to explain and summarize the paradigm upon which all this has been based. Those who can comprehend and accept that paradigm will then be able to comprehend the nature of the prophecies that have been mentioned before but which we have not been able to present because people knew nothing of the paradigm upon which they are based.

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