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ESSAY 07 - Responses

This is a slight detour. Here are two typical responses that have been received to what has been presented so far. These have been selected because they are typical of quite a number.

-------------------- From D. -------------------

--------------------- From K. -------------------- ------------------------ Answer to K. -----------------------

The questions that you ask K, are impossible to answer to you meaningfully. That is the point of a paradigm. It is a view of the world. If you can't understand the other point of view - then you just won't get it.

Someone who lived in a very hot country and who had never heard of or seen ice would find miraculous the story of someone walking across a river. The explanation that it had frozen would be incomprehensible to them. Likewise, would be the explanation to someone who had never seen or heard of a microscope, that the small little bugs that were harming them were not really invisible or some type of evil spirits.

You state that you want to understand the answers, but to not understand the paradigm, which means that to you the answers would seem impossible, ridiculous, illogical, or otherwise out of touch with reality. Whereas, as in the above examples, a new paradigm gives one a higher sense of reality and permits them to understand things that they have not understood before.

A new and higher paradigm explains all that was believed before and explains WHY it was believed in that way before. As regards Christ Jesus, the problem with the Christian view is that Christians have too small a view of Him. You may think this a strange statement when you think that you put Him at the center of everything, preceding everything, the purpose of everything. But the statement remains true - too small a view. But you cannot know what that means - without a paradigm shift.

Paradigm shifts are as necessary in Religion as they are in Science. In Science, the Einstein Theory of Relativity was a Paradigm Shift. The very idea that two parallel lines could meet, or that a clock traveling in space at a high rate of speed would reflect that Time had slowed down, or that light could bend when passing a large gravitational lens or sink, such as our sun, or a variety of other such phenomena (he had five proofs) was a paradigm shift that many still do not understand. It has not penetrated the consciousness of the man on the street. Still, for those scientists who have grasped it, it has permitted the development of atomic and nuclear energy, new methods of constructing materials used in electronics and computers, calculations for space travel and explanations for phenomena of astronomy, and other control over our and prediction of our physical world that did not exist before.

The Einsteinian Paradigm did not destroy the Newtonian Paradigm. It merely provided a higher explanation and showed the latter to be a special case. Many readers may believe that Science deals with relative knowledge but that religion deals with absolute knowledge. However, they are wrong. God's reality is ONE. Science and Religion are the two wings of the One Bird, seeking to explain the One Reality. That Reality is Absolute, but because God is Infinite our understanding is always relative and can always become greater through repeated Paradigm shifts, so one may as well get used to it or they will stop growing through eternity.

Do you know what the one unforgivable sin is? It is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This does not mean taking the Name of the Holy Spirit in vain like we hear many people use the word God or Jesus, but they don't use Holy Spirit in that way (although some Batman followers would try in saying - Holy Smoke).

No, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit means failure to listen to the Holy Spirit. That is to say failure to listen to the small calm voice of Truth and to remain dogmatic and argumentative. With that attitude one can never understand the Truth. Although one may be in error, so long as they are willing to examine with an open spirit something new that is presented to them, then they can eventually learn to better know the Truth. However, if they close their mind and won't listen and examine, then they will never find the Truth and that is why Jesus said blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the one unforgivable sin.

It is time for you to examine and to try to comprehend. When you understand the paradigm well enough that you can explain it to someone else then you can say that you understand it. Until then you are criticizing that which you do not understand and you have no basis for comparison. Someone who has looked in both the boxes will know that what is in both of them is very good. But having seen in both of them, they can make a comparison.

You need to be able to do the same.

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