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ESSAY 08 - Where

Psychiatrists have a quick test with which they determine whether a person is sane or not. They determine whether a person is oriented to the three spheres of reality.

Do they know -

We all have our reality tests. We do it in accordance with our paradigms - which are our world views. In this and the next two essays we will examine a new paradigm about The idea here is NOT for you to believe the paradigm. It is for you to understand it. Proofs will be presented later. We will begin with "where" in the first paradigm.





1. A paradigm of the origin of this world.
The people asked Moses, and He wrote the story of Creation, in the Book of Genesis. What He gave them was a paradigm (a view of the world) that was comprehensible to them. He did NOT tell them that there were other planets in the solar system, other galaxies, or about the immensity that the Hubble shows to us.

Ever since the development of the telescope astronomers have thought that with just a bit more powerful telescope (the general plea today is for one 15% more powerful) they would be able to see to the edge of the universe (or the origins of The Great Bang, as they put it). They have just never mastered the concept of infinite.

What is to make them think, that just as if one gets beyond this solar system, that there are other solar systems, in this galaxy, and if one gets beyond this galaxy, there are other galaxies, and that if one got beyond this "island universe", there wouldn't be "other" island universes?

Infinite is something different from big or more. Even then, the astronomers deal with only the physical (visible) universe. The spiritual reality, of which the physical reality is only a shadow, is infinitely (that word again) more immense.

And so where are you, in all this immensity?
Short answer:

Locating one's self is sort of like the school child problem of sending a return address to God. where does it end?
The problem is that one is dealing with an illusion. The illusion of space. The illusion is that it is reality, but the reality is much more immense than the illusion. In fact, the concept of Immensity is inadequate, so long as it denotes size. Even Einstein and the advanced thinker physicists, say that no matter how real it seems we must remember that Time, Space and Matter, are illusions in our minds. Not that there isn't a reality. A much deeper reality.

But, for the man on the street, these ideas have been incomprehensible. Of course all philosophers have discussed them, down through time, way back to the Greeks, and Plato and Socrates. They have been dealt with more in Eastern Religions, and in a few Western Religions, such as Christian Science, and to some degree by Swedenborg. But, for the most part, the man in the street, while he hears about these ideas, he really has just not caught on.

The idea still abounds, that the earth is the center of the universe. Indeed, the center of creation. That all of creation revolves around the descendants of Adam. Physically created in seven days. That it is going to end, and everything with it. That the center of it all is the advent about 2,000 years ago of one particular individual (Jesus), on this one particular rock, whirling about this one particular star.

When infants first become aware, their Universe centers around their momma, and their bassinet. Later it expands to their nursery and members of their family. Eventually to their community and school. Gradually to their citizenship in their country. Most people, today, have not yet grasped the idea of their citizenship in The World. Their relationship to a Universe and Cosmos beyond that - completely eludes them.

Children, in their infancy, naturally have infant concepts of creation and the world about them. This applies to mankind as a whole. An infant race, like the human race (we only have a few thousand years of recorded history), has infant concepts. Young people and teens, often think they have all the answers and understand everything. That is the way many people are, with their pat answers, "The Bible says". For a child, everything revolves around them. For a childish race, everything revolves around it. In its mind, God created everything for It. The purpose of everything is It.

The question is, where are you in the universe? To answer that, you have also to answer the questions of

The next essay is on 'when'.

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