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ESSAY 09 - When

We are examining a new paradigm of who, when and where we are. We have already looked at where, we are now going to examine when.

2. An examination of the History and Purpose of Mankind.

Again, in the Bible, we see a History set down. The first five books of the Bible are attributed to Moses. Just as He wrote an understanding, suitable to the people of the time of how the world was created, so did he also write an understanding, suitable to the people of the time, of when the world was created.

Some people reject The Bible, because they feel they have a longer view of history. (Others still insist on taking The Bible literally, - creation a few thousand years ago). Both positions are in error. The Bible is spiritually correct. Any seemingly literal statements are relative. They must of necessity be, because they are attempting to describe the Infinite an Eternal. To suppose that we are capable of understanding the infinite and eternal (or that indeed we may today have absolute answers from science) is just as infantile a mental stage as believing that the Bible should be believed literally. Understanding of the absolute always has been, and always will be, relative.

So, what is about to be presented here is a new relative paradigm, suitable to mankind's present stage of growth. It is simply a higher more inclusive understanding. Don't belabor the literalness of it. In this paradigm, we first posit the existence of cycles. We see them about us everywhere.

Astronomers even pose them for sunspots, and the wheeling of the galaxies. (The latter being too slow - taking billions of years, for us to have actually observed one).

Over billions of years, stars too are born and die. But since man has only observed them with telescopes for a few hundred years and in recorded history for a few thousand years, we have never seen the event, from beginning to end. Oh, we have seen supernovas, and with the Hubble some think we have seen star nurseries, but we have been around too short a time to observe a billions-of-years-long process from beginning to end. We can only Hypothesize or have Revealed to us the overall process. We do hypothesize that stars go through cycles from white dwarf to red giant. For that matter, for all that we have seen, because the cycle would be beyond the duration of the human race, they might repeat their cycles, repeatedly.

The earth is in relationship to the sun, in the sun's cycle. Were the earth 10% further from the sun, it would be so cold that all its water would freeze, at its poles, like Mars. And if the earth were 10% closer to the sun, it would be so hot that all its water would evaporate and cover it in thick clouds, like Venus. If the sun were to shrivel further towards becoming a white dwarf, Venus would cool, and its clouds would fall to the surface, creating seas. Earth would then become like Mars. Indeed, this is perhaps the destiny of the earth, but such a subject is beyond the purview of this essay. According to Bahá'u'lláh, even during the time of its fruition there come and go upon the planet numerous races of men. Much like a tree, passing through its seasons, blossoming in the spring, bearing fruit, and becoming dormant in the winter, to eventually after many seasons wither and die.

There have been past races upon this planet. There shall be future races. Although it is possible for a race to destroy the planet. (Observe the missing planet in our solar system, in what we call the asteroid belt, as possible evidence of this). It is the destiny and purpose of every star, to have planets, and of every planet, to have its races of men. Just as it is the destiny (fulfilled or not) for every tree to be fruitful.

There are multitudes of questions that one can ask about the appearance of the race. The old arguments rage between the Creationists and the Evolutionists. Both err in fundamental premises. One as to their materialist and mechanistic concepts of cause and effect, and the other as to their dogmatic literal interpretation of the Spiritual Analogy related in the Bible, plus their misconceptions regarding the realities of Time, Space and Matter.

It is a curiosity that man has the same saline ratio in his blood, sweat and tears, as does the sea. And one does well to contemplate the philosophical concept that 'Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny'. That the individual starts off as a single cell, becoming at conception multiple cells in a saline sea, (the womb) and proceeds through various stages, having a tail and other appendages, that atrophy before being born. Nevertheless, this is not a proof of devolution, (descent from other creatures), because man has always been man, whatever his form, individually or collectively. But as far as evolution is concerned, regarding the evolving of the human species, there is evidence for any observer to see by simply looking at the armor of the knights of old, or the statistics for military induction, between WWI and WWII. Whatever.

If the paradigm presented here is more meaningful to you, than one of creation a few thousand years ago, and you can bear the idea, that 'when you are' is -

then you have a very different idea of when you are than someone who feels that - The next essay is regarding - who you are.

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