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Recovery in Your Community
after Doomsday

Recovery from Doomsday seems hopeless to many people and they think society will be driven back to the dark ages to remain there for centuries, at least. You will notice from the navigation bar at the top of this page that there are other sections dealing with such subjects as 'Reconstruction' and 'Renewal' but this section deals soley with 'Recovery in Your Community'. This section I sub-divide into the following subjects:

While you will find in the above links - hundreds of pages of information, it is in fact a very small percentage of the that stored at Ark Two, and which we hope to be able to make available through the SAFE network - afterwards.

Our personal library is very extensive. At one time I counted 13 sets of encyclopedias. These are mostly specialized - like a 14 volume set on gardening and another 16 volume set on do-it-yourself repairs. There are others on health and medicine and a variety of other subjects.

We have also acquired CDs with hundreds of books and one summer put a crew to work microfilming thousands of documents which we have on microfiche. These, plus many many books, are in just our own home but our two Ark Two Community librarians are the real gatherers of information - one has many thousands of books, mostly on technology for recovery, and the other over a terrabyte of information stored on CDs.

In the future, when people want it, we hope to be able to disseminate widely whatever is needed from this information. There are many blind spots in our library. We have little information on modern technology and almost no information on leading edge technology. Members of our Ark Two community are of far more than average knowledge about nuclear and computers but there are many, many fields such as in modern metallurgy, petroleum refining, hundreds of specialties in chemistry, medicine, and untold numbers of other areas that the expertise to re-establish them will have to survive with the experts - if they are going to be recovered in the immediate decades following.

One major focus of our library has been maps, in order to determine where that expertise may reside. We have thousands of maps. Local road maps. Topographical maps. More and more maps on an expanding scale. We have every map ever published by the National Geographic. We have CDs with map search programs. North American and World Atlases. The list goes on. One map set which we were very desirous of obtaining cost thousands of dollars (far beyond our budget) from the US government. It comes with a subscription program for real-time updating and the printed book is reprinted annually. A marvelous tool for demographers tracking changing patterns - but one used copy would serve our purposes. Miraculously, on the Internet we found a library discard copy - at a fraction of the cost.

A great many of our resources deal with old Pioneering skills. We cannot just go back to the old ways. We have lost many of the skills. No one had them all then and you would be hard put today to find a wheelwright, a miller, a tanner, a barrel maker. All those trades, like farming, have advanced into modern technology and the present experts seldom have used the old ways. Many of the old implements are no longer around and we certainly don't have the horses. Modern horses are neither bred nor conditioned to pull the plow. Still, in the skills of the past we may find solutions to the problems of the moment.

The problem of the moment has not been getting information, but one of determining which information is going to be most useful to survivors. What we offer in these pages, measuring radiation contamination in food, producing food without the modern technology and its skills, finding alternate sources of energy, recovering and repairing remaining machinery, and in the reconstruction section on how to create the nucleus of an economic and monetary system and restore the basis of functioning society - is what we feel will be most needed at the outset. It is our sincerest hope that we will be able to get it to the people who need it and that they will find it useful.

Our primary task of the moment is to create the SAFE Community Network so that the information will be widely disseminated and distributed ahead of time. In this task we very much ask you for your help by:

your becoming a
Community SAFE TEAM Leader

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