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Safe America For Everyone
The SAFE program is a bottom up program. It starts with the people at the bottom and is maintained by the people at the bottom for the people at the bottom. As the book Society AFTER Doomsday points out - this is entirely opposite of the way present day society works - which is the problem with present day society and why we seriously need your participation.

It costs you nothing to become part of the post-apocalyptic Ark Two SAFE T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Accomplishes More) in Washington.

If you have not already done so -
you must register at SAFE Registry
in order to receive a list
of the TEAM Leaders near you.

When you register - you will be sent the name of your State or District TEAM Leader.
Additional Information Below - After the List of Counties and Districts

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to be put in contact with
the County TEAM Leader

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list of
District Number

Click on YOUR District Number

Adams4 5
Grays Harbor6
King1 2,7-9
Kitsap1 6
Pend Oreille5
Pierce6 8,9
San Juan2
Skamania3 4
Snohomish1 2
Thurston3 9
Walla Walla5
District #1
King 1,2,7-9
Kitsap 1,6
Snohomish 1,2

District #2
Island 2
San Juan 2
Skagit 2
Whatcom 2

District #3
Clark 3
Cowlitz 3
Lewis 3
Pacific 3
Skamania 3,4
Thurston 3,9
Wahkiakum 3

District #4
Adams 4,5
Benton 4
Chelan 4
Douglas 4
Franklin 4
Grant 4
Kittitas 4
Klickitat 4
Yakima 4

District #5
Asotin 5
Columbia 5
Ferry 5
Garfield 5
Lincoln 5
Okanogan 5
Pend Oreille 5
Spokane 5
Stevens 5
Walla Walla 5
Whitman 5

District #6
Clallam 6
Grays Harbor 6
Jefferson 6
Mason 6
Pierce 6,8,9

District #7
District 7 counties

District #8
District 8 counties

District #9
District 9 counties

There is additional information about the Regions shown below -
on the Regional Page

Do you have the SAFE attitude?

People who are SAFE contacts believe the following:

      1. There are a lot of problems today that may cause society to collapse.

      2. It would be good to prepare for such an eventuality.

      3. One form of preparation is in knowing what to do if collapse occurs.

      4. It is best to know others in your area who are likewise knowledgeable and prepared.

For many years the TEAM Leaders in each state sent out a free CD to everyone who became a member of the greater Ark Two Community. That has become too great a burden to put on the State TEAM Leaders because there are now too many people becoming interested for them to continue to do that. You can still see much of the information by going to the links in the various boxes on the previous page and at the following link on:

Ark Two Survival Resources

Call for you to be a
TEAM Leader
in your
Washington community

This is the main purpose of this web page. We are looking for people to form the nucleus of the SAFE community in each county and town. Obtain the
TEAM Leader package

and you will automatically be listed as TEAM Leader for your county or town. Otherwise, you can also contact your state TEAM Leader after you register at
the SAFE Registry.

Understand and Inform

The roll of TEAM Leaders and other members of the SAFE Community is to understand and inform others of the plan outlined in

Society AFTER Doomsday

We have no hope of implementing the plan ahead of time, but it will become essential to do so afterwards and this can only be done if there are many people who understand the plan.

We ask everyone to become a TEAM Leader and to obtain the

TEAM Leader package

With the package you receive the free CD that is described at:

free CD

The plan is that you will put one or more of the five copies of

Society AFTER Doomsday

that you receive, into your local libraries, if they will accept them, or that you loan to others some of the copies. This is the way that you can educate and inform others in your community.

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